Business Expo

Come alone or gather a group for an evening of fun, networking, and potential business connections.

In 3 hours (or less), meet hundreds of new contacts for your business. Whether you exhibit your business, sponsor or just attend, the annual Business EXPO is a once-a-year opportunity that will pay off for years to come. Companies and individuals come to the EXPO to learn about new products and technologies, enjoy food from more than a dozen local restaurants, network with potential customers and contacts and win prizes from vendors.

To see highlights from the 2016 Business Expo, click here.


Come alone or gather a group for an evening of fun, networking and potential business connections. From classic Bakersfield establishments to seeing what’s new in town, the Business EXPO is a ‘can’t miss’ event every October. Open to all members and non-members.


Bakersfield’s largest business-to-business showcase attracts more than 1,500 attendees. At the EXPO, your business interacts one-on-one with potential clients to sell products or services directly or make contacts for follow up.

With an anticipated 140+ booths, sign up soon to get the best booth placement. At the event, you’ll have a floor captain who makes sure that things run smoothly and you have everything you need. Also, you don’t need to be a Chamber member to participate.


Delicious food is a highlight of any event. You’ll also have a prime booth location, extra-large space and recognition in all promotional materials. You can showcase and distribute materials and other samples in addition to the event menu items.

“The initial investment isn’t anything near the value of the business that it has yielded. This type of event legitimizes your company.”

Maria Sineriz Mosher, American Business Machines

“Our booth was in the lobby and we landed an order worth more than $30,000 and six new clients at the Great Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce Business Expo. Would I recommend the Expo to other businesses? Absolutely!”
Scott Johnson, Proforma Progressive Marketing

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