BYP Summit


Local Business + Local Culture + Local Connections

The second annual BYP Summit connected dozens of young professionals to several of the city’s influential entrepreneurs. This event provided the opportunity to connect, ask questions and start a dialogue about Bakersfield’s changing business scene and how new companies are adding to the local culture.

The event opened with a presentation of “Be In Bakersfield,” a new marketing campaign and nonprofit. Presented by Austin and Anna Smith, Daniel Cater and Shannon LaBare, Be In Bakersfield aims to get young professionals excited about living here by sharing their stories of what’s good in the community with the hopes of giving Bakersfield a competitive edge in the future.

Some of Bakersfield’s established entrepreneurs will explain the highs and lows of being their own bosses in two diverse panels. During the first, Austin Llach, FitClub app developer; Krista Horton, Instagram Influencer; and Kevin Edwards Jr., Online Content Creator, explained how they utilized a digital platform to develop their businesses. The technology panel was moderated by David Milazzo, founder and principal of Macrosopic and cofounder of FormForce.

During the second panel, Don Bynum and Tom Maxwell, of Temblor Brewing Co.; Sarah Kuhlmann and Tarin Meadows, of Fit Pantry; Heather Laganelli, of Locale Farm to Table; and Amanda Klawitter, of House of Flowers; explained how they built a brand to fill a need they saw in the community. City Councilmember Andrae Gonzales served as moderator.

Bakersfield native, Ebrahim “EB” Bhaiji, co-founder of Castifi, closed out the event as the keynote speaker. Castifi is a platform solution that uses technology to streamline the casting process for production companies worldwide.

Thank you to Elements Venue for hosting the second annual BYP Summit. Read what advice our speakers want to share with you here! Photo highlights can be found here.